Monthly Archives: March 2009


Had a craft production session at Katherine’s yesterday. She showed me some great things she made, new ideas that I was pretty enthralled with. We’ve got a booth at the 2009 Melbourne Social Forum with a few other friends, where we’ll sell our lovingly made wares. I’m attempting mass production of my tiny note/sketchbooks. Making things with your hands feels really, really good.


Aaahhh omg I need to wake up. Gotta… gotta do stuff. GOTTA DO IMPORTANT THINGS. Where’s my coffee? *looks around and staggers to the kettle*

Had the most delicious boysenberry cheesecake muffins with Brad this morning, at this great cafe called Milktoast. We met up with the co-conspirator later on in the city, and grabbed some hot cheese boreks at Victoria Market. Look at those puppies! PUPPIEEEES! I was SO close to shelling out the dollars to get one of those cuddly, barky things. 

Walked around in Parkville later in the evening, where pretty houses and gardens were abundant. Encountered huge roses that have the sweetest, most potent scent. 

Always, always, there is someone screaming on the street outside my apartment building. Ah, this city life.


I know I’m feeling better when I start drinking coffee from tiny cups again. 

I’m listening to Sia’s ‘Day Too Soon’, and feeling so very mellow. These pictures are pretty old, but appropriate. They are part of how these feelings came to exist.

I love the fact that I’ve been spending more time in North Melbourne lately. It’s an area I haven’t explored much at all, and quite lovely it is. Thanks to my co-conspirator, who is also now doubling up as a tour guide. 

Haven’t been feeling 100% like myself this week. You tend not to see things creatively when you’re wrapped up in a fug of concern. Hopefully things will get sorted out pretty soon.

We had a free class at Brad’s yesterday, where the artists took turns posing for portraits. I only got the first two out of it, but it was just fun eating cake and messing around. The third shot is a quick sketch of a man on the train, and the last is a reference study off Facehunter. I liked the girl’s high forehead, and the rest of her features were supremely fine.

Last night, one word made me laugh and laugh and laugh. This morning, I am discovering that coffee and cherry tomatoes don’t really go together as breakfast.

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