market morning

I know! It’s a lot of pictures. It’s just that, I have this awesome camera phone, and I can’t stop seeing amazing colours, patterns, geometry, shapes, and design everywhere. 

Spent the first half of the day with my partner in crime. We touched feathery flower petals at Victoria Market, did serious veg shopping, and discussed the ponderous matter of kittens and puppies. A couple of cheese and spinach boreks later, we found ourselves at our alma mater’s Spirituality Center. Even though it was surrounded by 3 main streets, the walled courtyard was completely tranquil. We looked up at a cloudless blue sky from the Astroturfed ground. 

I want to remember good moments. They are lovely by virtue of being ordinary, stuff that happens everyday. Been having to do some grown-up things lately, and they aren’t usually much fun. I am a human being though. I am built to handle it.


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