pre-loved, re-loved

Went to a big pre-loved clothing sale today, with two guy friends. Turned out it was a big women’s pre-loved clothing sale. I got some pretty but completely impractical scarves, a flowy white lace top, and this bronze owl totem-pole design necklace.  

Later we hung out at Kieran’s – listening to music and generally lounging around. He gave me a pair of deep red corduroy pants, which I am really into! Still trying to escape peculiar stomach pains that have been plaguing me the whole day. We joked that the only way they would stop is if my insides exploded, with Exorcist-style spew.

Last of all, a sketch of a lady at our tram stop. Her mouth was one big downturned U, with tiny lips meeting in the middle. 

  1. Nicky said:

    i really love this sketch of the TramStop Lady. AND the one of the LargeForehead Girl. (yes, i’ve been web stalking you for the last 10mins). .xn

    • dangerouscake said:

      Thanks Nicky! Got your postcard, it is lovely; chockful of your nice handwriting. You are a very poetic lady, and good postcard-writer!

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