Monthly Archives: May 2009

It’s time time of year again, where I fall sick. And as usual, it’s a doozy. From massive sore throats, to sneezing and runny noses, to coughing… It’s the whole shebang. On the bright side, once I get everything out of the way, it won’t happen again for the rest of the year. Right?  

I’m taking anything and everything to get better ASAP. Lots of well-meaning recommendations. Even the fish and chip shop man, after witnessing a coughing fit so intense I had to duck out, said, ‘Tea, with honey! And lemon! It take care of you, no worries!’ The co-conspirator recommended this health jam that makes me gag, and I took it. See? Anything! 

He has a gig on tonight. Hope I get well enough by then to make it!


Strange motley crew of sights on my walk this morning. I wanted to head to the loading docks near the river, maybe watch some cargo ships in action. However, the route I took led me to a gate, sealing off entry. Oh well. 

It’s the fourth Saturday of the month, so there’s a small farmers market happening at Yarraville Gardens. Took a brief detour to look a curries, spices, sauces and beautiful baked goods. Mmm, the smell of coffee and sizzling meat is awesome!  

I got  a set of adorable lamps from the 60’s today, in a sort of goldenrod colour. An absolute steal at $10 for the pair. I have interesting ideas in my head how the lampshades could be made over in designer print.


You know what’s hard, sometimes? Understanding you are constantly responsible for your state of mind, and your reactions to what happens in life. That constant awareness can be tiring. The long-term results of working on yourself, however, will be totally worth it. 

Another thing that is challenging, is relaxing around people I like, but am not yet familiar with. Perhaps what I need to realize is that the only person judging, and the only person who really matters, is me.

Sorry I’ve been away for a while.

I spent a part of my morning in North Melbourne with my co-conspirator. Coffee and pastry at our favourite French patisserie, and then a walk around the neighbourhood. As usual, this place is just full of awesome structures, colours and textures.