do what you feel now

It’s time time of year again, where I fall sick. And as usual, it’s a doozy. From massive sore throats, to sneezing and runny noses, to coughing… It’s the whole shebang. On the bright side, once I get everything out of the way, it won’t happen again for the rest of the year. Right?  

I’m taking anything and everything to get better ASAP. Lots of well-meaning recommendations. Even the fish and chip shop man, after witnessing a coughing fit so intense I had to duck out, said, ‘Tea, with honey! And lemon! It take care of you, no worries!’ The co-conspirator recommended this health jam that makes me gag, and I took it. See? Anything! 

He has a gig on tonight. Hope I get well enough by then to make it!

  1. Kizzy said:


  2. Kizzy said:

    nice photographs

    i especially like all three of them, and i especiaspecially like the third one, its kind of haunting

  3. priya said:

    you are bestie of awe – that phrase has been in my head all week :D

    i want a fancy header for my blog; this is thy brief – plastic cup politics

    go forth and create you pencil fiend!

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