Monthly Archives: June 2009

Found these old pictures I took while my friend Grace was down. We, and another lovely friend Alex, ventured down to Footscray for a photo-snapping session. It didn’t work out too well, the vibe wasn’t right, and we finally repaired back to Yarraville. 

Grace has since then gone back to Sydney, and Alex to Papua New Guinea. Yet, whenever I look at these pictures, I’m brought back to those few days of warehouse shindigs, freezing cold, and the introduction of beautiful people to one another.

Here’s to more days like these!


It gets dark early these days. I walked into my bedroom this evening, and was greeted with a lovely warmth! When sunny days roll around, the big windows keep the house toasty.

We went into the city with some food, and ate lunch on astroturf in the sun. We stopped by Coles beforehand for chili flakes, and discovered they were having a $1.80 Lindt chocolate sale! 

Today, I reflected on how special it is to have someone who shares your love of potato chips… but also shares your goals when it comes to exercising (we’ve been doing lots of yoga and basketball this week!) and eating well. 

The middle picture is a reminder to look up more. There are some funky things in the skyscape!