We went into the city with some food, and ate lunch on astroturf in the sun. We stopped by Coles beforehand for chili flakes, and discovered they were having a $1.80 Lindt chocolate sale! 

Today, I reflected on how special it is to have someone who shares your love of potato chips… but also shares your goals when it comes to exercising (we’ve been doing lots of yoga and basketball this week!) and eating well. 

The middle picture is a reminder to look up more. There are some funky things in the skyscape!

  1. Safi-yeah said:

    The Lindt pearintense flavour is amazing and I always make sure that I pick up a few blocks when they are on sale yum!

    I also want to live in that building, the orange brick one on russel st in the city mmm nice building…

    • dangerouscake said:

      I always go a bit nuts when Lindt goes on sale. I think I bought 8 blocks once, of different kinds. And came back for 2 more. Haha gluttony is not a sin, although it can probably be a toothache.

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