if i stay in one place




Sometimes I wish life was one big comedy show, and that I didn’t take things so seriously. I think anybody who has ever met me would think, ‘Oh, okay, nice girl’, yet subconsciously know that I am not to be messed with. Yup, I have a temper on a leash, and sometimes I REALLY let it loose. Through a series of events in the past week, some personal stress has been mounting in my life. Nobody likes incompetency, but most of the time we put up with it. We usually also know in spite of our best efforts to get the message through, people only see what they want to see. 

But, I mean, hey! It’s life right? You get bad service, bad bosses, bad employees. Sometimes you just have to laugh it off, for your own sake. Lengthen your lifespan a little by not getting stressed out!

I guess this is a lesson I’m yet to learn. My temper and I have been playing wrestling games, and I’ve been letting it win. I thought, ‘What’s the harm?’ but ultimately, I’m not doing anybody any favours here. Maybe at the time it feels like I’m just trying to make my point, with a little extra force. In the end, the upsets are doubled – on both sides!

It’s not worth it, Zahra! Keep that thing in check, and slow down with the chillies. Let’s bring on the pictures of rainbows and kittens. 

Tonight, I’m home alone, and watching me some Juno. I felt like some snappy Diablo Cody dialogue, plus, I am in love with Michael Cera.


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