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Been repeating this to myself all night: ‘Kindness demonstrates strength. Anger reveals weaknessess.’ I think sometimes, you need to prevent yourself from giving in to anger, to preserve your own sanity. Pretty much the same could be said of any negative emotion that makes you feel bad, like stress or envy. These emotions, or the events that cause them, have their own form of benefit. Like the opportunity to practice patience, for example.

Ahhh… things are not so serious! 

I’ve been watching this show called ‘Being Erica’. It’s about a 30-something year old woman, who is given a therapist that can send her back in time to fix her past mistakes. It’s an interesting concept, but not something I’d do, personally. I have never really understood people who regret their choices, because if you’re a reasonably intelligent person, then you had your reasons. So maybe things didn’t turn out so well, but you can learn from them. I’ve made mistakes. Lots of them. Some of my choices have been pretty stupid ones, but I was going based on the information I had then. I get new information all the time. 

Imagine all the things we could do, or what we could be, if there was no one to judge our mistakes. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ they happens, it’s a matter of ‘when’. So we should just go ahead and try anyway. All things being temporary, mistakes go away too :)

  1. katherine hepworth said:

    Hey Zahra

    These are beautiful drawings and deep thoughts. Instead of imagining what it would be if there was no-one to judge our mistakes, imagine what it would be to be unaffected by judgements, from others or yourself. Much more robust.


    • dangerouscake said:

      especially judgements from ourselves! I think we’d be much happier, for sure.

  2. dawn said:

    Yes, so hot indeed and I need to remind myself to wear sunscreen too. Haha. Anyway, thanks for coming to my little flea sale. Hope the inks + guitar will come in really useful!

    • dangerouscake said:

      Dawn! I’m using the inks right now. Can’t wait to post up what I’ve been doing. Also, my boyfriend and I love the guitar, although I’m the one using it most of the time!

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