ron mueck

Re: first picture. I had a clear picture, but chose this one instead. I like how the blurriness creates blocks of colour, as well as simplified shapes. 

Ron Mueck at the NGV. I was blown away by the Dead Dad sculpture. A lot of the exhibition was scarily lifelike, from the whiskers on an old woman, to the goosebumps on a man’s back. It was pretty inspiring as well. It made me think about how much practice and observation of the human anatomy this man had done in his lifetime. It made me want to do the same. Not necessarily anatomy, just being as detailed and thorough as possible in the areas I want to excel in.

Had a caramel java chip coffee later in the day, and we sat opposite two tweens on a couch. They were obviously on a date. It was sort of cute, and unsettling… they looked too young to be kissing like that! 

Nuwan: ‘Aw. Big date, in the city, at Starbucks, ordering baby coffees.’ I laughed at that.


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