I’m in Singapore at the moment, happily connected to the Internet. I haven’t been taking many photos, although perhaps I should be. The cheerful colours of these chocolate bunnies and chicks are like brain butter, comforting and good. 

Home, home, home… is very disorientating. I don’t know if everyone struggles with this, the adjustment between two different cultures, and the feeling of displacement where you end up feeling part of nowhere. It’s a good exercise, I think. Watching myself respond to situations new and old, and discovering more about myself than anything else. 

I wonder, if my adventurous gene is a little shy at the moment. Because in spite of having opportunities to explore pretty much anywhere, even go sailing and diving, I prefer staying in the quiet of home. Sitting on my own, with a book, maybe tea, and a cat or two. I guess I’m just equalizing.

Maybe I will go sailing. I have time. I want the taste of the salty ocean breeze, and the clarity of thought that comes with being out on the water.


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