Monthly Archives: March 2010

Bon Iver this morning. I like their take on music… lots of group singing. 

House hunting in the inner suburbs yesterday. While the house was far from ideal, the evening sun made everything look appealing. It makes you feel good inside, to watch the day change colours like that. 

I’m trying to drink smaller amounts of coffee. Eat smaller amounts of everything. I believe my body wants me to be a bit more conscious of what I put in it. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of finishing everything on my plate, even though I was full about halfway through. Even stress eating has become less fun… I stop when I’m full, and that is not the point! 

Still working out the ratios of a perfect tiny coffee. Looking forward to a cafe break in Yarraville later. Here’s to a fruitful rest of the week. 


Everything Rhiannon touches is rendered irresistibly quirky and cute. She has all these beads, and earrings, that make me want to pick up making jewelry again.

A nice Saturday with pals in Yarraville. We got excited at the possibility of a house nearby. I know house hunting can be a downer sometimes, but I have decided to enjoy the excited feeling I get when I see a nice place.

The evening was a light grey colour, and it drizzled pleasantly. 

1. Cookies – He’s an affectionate old man handed down to us, and we love him. 

2. Ziggy – The one-eyed wonder that thinks he’s an acrobat. 

3. Lita – The madam that rules the roost in her slow, loving way. 

4. Kimchi – She’s a grown-up kitten with huge, pleading green eyes, always asking for something.  

They help make the house a home.