Monthly Archives: April 2010

Nuwan and Kav had to get some stuff done, so we headed to Empire Cafe, as it is awesome and has free wireless. It seems a bit excessive, all this cafe hopping. Although, it’s only been two. I was pretty hungry, having only had half a muffin and no breakfast, so I got the Empire Veggie Burger. It had all kinds of good things in it – red lentils, onion, capsicum, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, pesto mayo. I never know how to eat massive burgers. They fall apart when I try to take a bite, and they usually don’t fit my mouth anyway. I ate this one by way of deconstruction with fork and knife, and it was very nice. 

Aren’t the colours of those juices terrific? It’s a colour explosion day.


We had teas, coffee and coconut and chocolate chip muffins all around, at Penny Royal. Yummy. 

I’ve been a little bit more obsessed about the My Little Ponies I collected some time last year. They’ve been following me to work, and keeping me in a good mood! 

Speaking of moods, I’ve been nearly coffee-free this week (with the exception of a hazelnut coffee on Friday). I’ve also been drinking lots of water. The result is low stress levels in times of peril, and great skin. Amazing!

Some surprising news this week: we won’t be moving. Bummer! It revolves around lawyery type stuff that isn’t in our hands. So, we rallied, and had a quick house inspection this weekend. The place was down a pretty, leafy street. We had to take off our shoes when we got there. I had my professional, mismatched socks on today…

I was feeling a bit strange earlier. A combination of lost and panicky. Then, I read something I wrote to myself a while back, and felt grounded. Here they are:

* Lead by example
* My actions could set the example for somebody elses in the future
* Be patient. Be kind. Especially to yourself!
* To change the world, change yourself. 

This is some of what I’ve figured so far. And I think if I just give things a go (and be PATIENT!), it will be fine.

L – R: Yellow gummi ring, neon orange saxaphone pin from Court Jester, and a lemon… from our new house! 

I can’t really get over my excitement. Nor do I want to. We’ve worked pretty hard to get a house, it checks every dream box: 

  • Creative household with friends
  • Brunswick, which was one of the original suburbs we wanted
  • Arrived on my birthday (as requested, thank you Universe), and before I had to move out 
  • Spacious and amazing, with lemon tree, cat flap, dishwasher, double sheds, big garden and lots of sunlight

In between the anxiety of waiting during the week, I got to thinking about a couple of things – the friends and company we choose to surround ourselves with, and the ability to conjure up the things we need, when we need them. Knowing that even if you had everything taken away, you’d still have the ability to choose, and not be a victim of circumstances. More on that another day. Oh, and my birthday happened – double celebration with house – and I am thankful that I call these kind, generous and warm people my friends. 

We had the most delicious lunch at Court Jester today. I finally got to taste pierogis (Polish dumplings). I will learn how to make dumplings, they are yummy.

Saturday was filled with house inspections and talking to housemates. I think I got too excited about everything again, and that resulted in upchucking most of what I ate this morning. Which was two paracetamols and a couple of gulps of stone cold Milo. Having just woken up, I was bewildered and had no idea what was happening to me. 

Fortunately, all that is done, and I am well once more. Sitting in a room with the blinds drawn, and having comforting buttery toast. My constitution is changing. It used to be fairly stable, and now it’s a bit more unreliable and requires more care. Perhaps it has something to do with being out of my comfort zone more often over the years, getting more excited about how everything turns out.

I definitely think that finding a house with friends, especially these ones, is an adventure. They are truly awesome people. Hope something comes along soon.