the alchemist

I just finished re-reading the book, and now I am too excited to sleep. The book really, really resonates with me, and sounds different each time I read it. I can relate to that, and I know a lot of my close friends would too. We’re all on a mission, a quest, chasing after a dream. 

I go by what feels right. I know home will be there if I ever decide to turn back. The story reminded me that it is foolish just to chase after an ending, it is the journey you go through that makes it.

“When something evolves, everything around that thing evolves as well.’

People who are living out their dreams with certainty are happy people. Of course, everyone has different dreams. When I’m chasing after my hearts deepest, most pure desires, I don’t feel the need to be mean, greedy, angry or fearful. I’m real. Today would be as good a day as any to die, because I’d die while chasing my dreams. No fear, of anything. 

The story resonates so deeply with me because it corresponds to a lot of other books on success that I read. People who are happy, wealthy and successful. People who have done it. It’s a process, an evolution. Feeling so awesomely inspired now. 

An alchemist turns lead into gold. We are all alchemists; turning what was only imagination and desire, into tangible reality. What would we do, right now, today, if we had no fear of failing?


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