the fire keeps burning

Saturday was filled with house inspections and talking to housemates. I think I got too excited about everything again, and that resulted in upchucking most of what I ate this morning. Which was two paracetamols and a couple of gulps of stone cold Milo. Having just woken up, I was bewildered and had no idea what was happening to me. 

Fortunately, all that is done, and I am well once more. Sitting in a room with the blinds drawn, and having comforting buttery toast. My constitution is changing. It used to be fairly stable, and now it’s a bit more unreliable and requires more care. Perhaps it has something to do with being out of my comfort zone more often over the years, getting more excited about how everything turns out.

I definitely think that finding a house with friends, especially these ones, is an adventure. They are truly awesome people. Hope something comes along soon.


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