one week later

L – R: Yellow gummi ring, neon orange saxaphone pin from Court Jester, and a lemon… from our new house! 

I can’t really get over my excitement. Nor do I want to. We’ve worked pretty hard to get a house, it checks every dream box: 

  • Creative household with friends
  • Brunswick, which was one of the original suburbs we wanted
  • Arrived on my birthday (as requested, thank you Universe), and before I had to move out 
  • Spacious and amazing, with lemon tree, cat flap, dishwasher, double sheds, big garden and lots of sunlight

In between the anxiety of waiting during the week, I got to thinking about a couple of things – the friends and company we choose to surround ourselves with, and the ability to conjure up the things we need, when we need them. Knowing that even if you had everything taken away, you’d still have the ability to choose, and not be a victim of circumstances. More on that another day. Oh, and my birthday happened – double celebration with house – and I am thankful that I call these kind, generous and warm people my friends. 

We had the most delicious lunch at Court Jester today. I finally got to taste pierogis (Polish dumplings). I will learn how to make dumplings, they are yummy.


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