saturday pt.2

We had teas, coffee and coconut and chocolate chip muffins all around, at Penny Royal. Yummy. 

I’ve been a little bit more obsessed about the My Little Ponies I collected some time last year. They’ve been following me to work, and keeping me in a good mood! 

Speaking of moods, I’ve been nearly coffee-free this week (with the exception of a hazelnut coffee on Friday). I’ve also been drinking lots of water. The result is low stress levels in times of peril, and great skin. Amazing!

  1. Safi-yeah said:

    You are lucky that you are having good skin times!

    i have been coffee free for two weeks with the exception of a sneaky bit of one of Dave’s lattes on the weekend.

    i read a strange book and the protagonist had accumulated seven my little ponies in her lifetime, there is a story behind it and i can’t think of the title but the point is, i like my little pony too.

    • dangerouscake said:

      Pony friend! Scrabble friend! You are a very exciting lady.

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