saturday pt.3

Nuwan and Kav had to get some stuff done, so we headed to Empire Cafe, as it is awesome and has free wireless. It seems a bit excessive, all this cafe hopping. Although, it’s only been two. I was pretty hungry, having only had half a muffin and no breakfast, so I got the Empire Veggie Burger. It had all kinds of good things in it – red lentils, onion, capsicum, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, pesto mayo. I never know how to eat massive burgers. They fall apart when I try to take a bite, and they usually don’t fit my mouth anyway. I ate this one by way of deconstruction with fork and knife, and it was very nice. 

Aren’t the colours of those juices terrific? It’s a colour explosion day.


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