Monthly Archives: May 2010

So some of us have officially moved our stuff into the new house, with the help of 7 of our dearest friends. We are blessed. 

The electricity hasn’t even been connected yet, and we’ve already had two parties. A small ‘seance’ yesterday (it was really just one of us stabbing randomly in this infographics book for the answers), and moving party today! It was so cool to sit down and have a makeshift picnic. Everyone was starving. Had a bit of a music jam in my room as well, by candlelight. 

We love having people over. So, if you’re reading this, there is a standing invitation to come over, anytime.

(Just to clarify: The house isn’t a ’10-kegs-and-passed-out-strangers-on-the-lawn’ kind of party house. I personally like wholesome fun, where there’s a lot of laughing at jokes and comfortable conversation. So yes, let’s have some of that.)


Unchecked, I could be a massive control freak. I don’t know why I get uncomfortable when I have to let go. Like an explosion or apocalypse will happen if I’m not there and I can’t have the situation under control. That is just arrogance and delusion. I will learn to relax more.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live someone elses life. I think after I’ve actually lived somebody elses life, and seen the real picture, I’d want mine back. 

Had a celebratory salmon brunch with people I adore. Their collective genius is more than anyone could imagine. 

Sometimes you wonder if you’ve spent a day of your life well. So, 10 things I am grateful for today (random order):

1.  Seeing thousands of dewdrops sparkling in the morning light
2. Being surprised by Lindt chocolate buy-2 get-1-free promotions when you are about to pay for your 3 chocolate bars
3. A lovely person sending me silly jokes in the afternoon
4. Reading on trains
5. Having a satisfying swim
6. Having more than enough food to eat, shelter, family/friends and love
7.  Lots of grounding, inspiring ideas on how to achieve my dreams
8. Robert Kiyosaki
9. Janelle Monae
10. Finally moving this weekend! This means guitar and adventures.

The skies I’ve been seeing of late looks like this. Pretty. 

Just got back from a swim. My love for potato chips definitely need the counteraction of exercise. It’s good to see some muscle definition coming back.  

Discovery of the morning: barbeque boiled eggs. Which is basically a boiled egg with salt and pepper, and mixed with a bit of barbeque sauce. Extremely tasty. 

Some of my pictures, which you may already have seen on the blog already, were featured on How’s Your Weekend. My name is on the same list as my favourite photographers and artists. Dawn Tan, Sandra Juto, and Ai. Major excitement on my end!

I think the weeks have been flying by in a blur of lovely people, old and new, dreams and inspiration, experimentation, and learning. I like it. Everything in my life is aimed towards the single purpose of freedom, and freedom happens from the inside first.

Little galaxies in marbles, old illustrations put in an entirely new context, and heart pins. I heart the heart. My Saturday was filled with pretty art, and friendly artists. 

The pin has my fingerprints all over it. They look like a cute crosshatching effect. My camera was low on battery, so not too many pictures. Then again, I doubt if pictures would have done today justice anyway.

Yeah, living it up! Having lots of fun talks with friends about the nice things we want to do. To potentially misquote Timothy Leary,

‘If life is getting more interesting, sexier, and more exciting, then you’re getting smarter.’

Things are definitely getting more and more exciting by the day. Don’t get me wrong, I still get stressed out, feel low or exhausted. I’m temporarily sleeping on a floor. However, with experience, one recovers faster and learns to be less bothered by things that are transient. And of course, the little things make all the difference. Like hot water bottles, phone calls from people who care, giggling over funny tortoise video clips with brothers.