party house

So some of us have officially moved our stuff into the new house, with the help of 7 of our dearest friends. We are blessed. 

The electricity hasn’t even been connected yet, and we’ve already had two parties. A small ‘seance’ yesterday (it was really just one of us stabbing randomly in this infographics book for the answers), and moving party today! It was so cool to sit down and have a makeshift picnic. Everyone was starving. Had a bit of a music jam in my room as well, by candlelight. 

We love having people over. So, if you’re reading this, there is a standing invitation to come over, anytime.

(Just to clarify: The house isn’t a ’10-kegs-and-passed-out-strangers-on-the-lawn’ kind of party house. I personally like wholesome fun, where there’s a lot of laughing at jokes and comfortable conversation. So yes, let’s have some of that.)

  1. Mariann (the instax camera girl) said:

    Hey! I couldn’t find you on facebook; too many people with the same name, and no profile pictures…

    How are you?

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me with a little thing…I have to do some environmental portraits(people in their room/office/doing something that “describes” them) for my semester folio, and thought you, being a graphic designer and all, would be a fun person to photograph. It would only take about an hour, but has to be done this week. Would you be interested?

    Mariann :)

    • dangerouscake said:

      Hi Mariann! Yay you found me :) I couldn’t find you on Facebook either, and I have just realized that my profile picture is one of a cat (confusing!).

      Sure, I’d be happy to help. I’m sort of down the road to you now, on Moreland Rd. I’m free at night on weekdays, and on the weekend.

      • Mariann (the instax camera girl) said:

        Great! Thank you:) How about Saturday around 12? Or earlier/later…It’s a very casual shoot, just you and some of your work, or even while doing a hobby(what’s your hobbies?) I’ll bring cake as “payment” ;)

        Hmmm, no cat profile photo shows up, but if you just copy and paste this “Mariann Høgevold Midbøe” I think you should be able to find me

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