Monthly Archives: June 2010


It’s safe to say that my weekend objective of long rambly walks has been met. Got this awesome mug today – it’s green, narrow and keeps drinks warm for longer. Or so I’d like to think. I also got a spin bike, which I’ve been thinking about getting for a while now. Home gym, here I come. 

The weekend show starred Braden, Rhiannon, Sebastian, Isaac, Nuwan, with guest appearances from Brad, Amy, and several other amazing individuals. Had a very chilled out time, surrounded with love. Finally got a permanent internet connection going here, so yay! 

I think in life, we find what we seek. It’s important to be careful with what we choose to believe, because we WILL find evidence to back up our view of the world. If we believe there is not enough to go around, we will find evidence that there is not enough. However, if we believe that there is abundance, and more than enough for everyone, we will find that life is filled with more kindness, love, money and success than we know what to do with. And in turn, we will let it spill over to others, and create more of the same. 

I want to continuously work according to a freedom mentality, as opposed to a scarcity mentality. I do think it is awesome to be generous, and I find that I have am surrounded by friends and people who are too.

So, while traveling through this life, what sort of evidence would you like to find?

Was having a sort of melt-downy day yesterday. Fortunately, it went away with a very long sleep, and a reminder of all things wonderful.

I am living in a house with three of my best friends.

I am currently employed, and need not worry about survival.

I have someone who knows the song of my heart, and can sing it back to me when I forget.


Had good hang out times with Isaac at Toby’s Estate in the afternoon. Prior to that, I took a long walk with Nuwan down streets lined with gingerbread houses. Found this amazing picture of a clear-eyed little girl cuddling a kitten, lying face-down in the middle of the road. I guess the people who owned it just got tired of it. We got to also do some kitten-cuddling at the community pet store… little wriggling balls of fuzziness, all big eyes and soft fur. AW! Just the memory makes me squee. 

I want to take more pictures. Everyone should take more pictures. We often don’t know what we notice about the world until we see it reflected back to us.

I cannot remember the last time I’ve felt so relaxed. The Moreland family is still sleeping, beautiful music playing, and the day is grey and cool. Well, who am I kidding? A life in Brunswick is a very relaxed one. 

The first picture is a spiderweb after rainfall, outside my room. I had no idea how hard it would be to take a picture of it! We have a little rose hip plant… the hips are bursting with juicy reds and oranges. As I traipsed around taking pictures, rain-bejewelled clovers let loose water droplets on my jeans. 

Clued in on a little thing. Natural fibres are the best at keeping one warm – wool, angora, cashmere. Got a thin, dark teal sweater yesterday and it is awesome. 100% wool, silky and oversized. In other shopping adventures, a My Little Pony Adventure Pack was purchased from K Mart. It contains stickers, paper punch-out dolls, and door hangers. My little cute-obsessed heart fell in love. I quite like that they’ve shrunk the ponies, and made them more like little boutique toys. Small things are sweeter! 

Infinitely happy to be at home.