garden sunday

I cannot remember the last time I’ve felt so relaxed. The Moreland family is still sleeping, beautiful music playing, and the day is grey and cool. Well, who am I kidding? A life in Brunswick is a very relaxed one. 

The first picture is a spiderweb after rainfall, outside my room. I had no idea how hard it would be to take a picture of it! We have a little rose hip plant… the hips are bursting with juicy reds and oranges. As I traipsed around taking pictures, rain-bejewelled clovers let loose water droplets on my jeans. 

Clued in on a little thing. Natural fibres are the best at keeping one warm – wool, angora, cashmere. Got a thin, dark teal sweater yesterday and it is awesome. 100% wool, silky and oversized. In other shopping adventures, a My Little Pony Adventure Pack was purchased from K Mart. It contains stickers, paper punch-out dolls, and door hangers. My little cute-obsessed heart fell in love. I quite like that they’ve shrunk the ponies, and made them more like little boutique toys. Small things are sweeter! 

Infinitely happy to be at home.


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