toby’s estate and isaac

Was having a sort of melt-downy day yesterday. Fortunately, it went away with a very long sleep, and a reminder of all things wonderful.

I am living in a house with three of my best friends.

I am currently employed, and need not worry about survival.

I have someone who knows the song of my heart, and can sing it back to me when I forget.


Had good hang out times with Isaac at Toby’s Estate in the afternoon. Prior to that, I took a long walk with Nuwan down streets lined with gingerbread houses. Found this amazing picture of a clear-eyed little girl cuddling a kitten, lying face-down in the middle of the road. I guess the people who owned it just got tired of it. We got to also do some kitten-cuddling at the community pet store… little wriggling balls of fuzziness, all big eyes and soft fur. AW! Just the memory makes me squee. 

I want to take more pictures. Everyone should take more pictures. We often don’t know what we notice about the world until we see it reflected back to us.


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