Monthly Archives: July 2010

That first picture. That is a total Puss in Boots moment. Kimchi is already a fully grown cat, but has such huge eyes in her little skull, so she still looks quite kitten like. 

Ziggy, my one-eyed wonder. You still think I am a scratching post. You also sometimes take me for a pillow to sleep on, which I don’t mind so much.


From top to bottom: Roti jala (Jala means ‘fishing net’ in Malay, which is exactly what these savoury pancakes are shaped like), seri muka (yummy glutinous rice topped with sweet custardy stuff), curry puffs. Last shot is fried vermicelli noodles, roti jala and chicken curry that’s poured over the roti. Mmm. 

Food critic, I am not. It’s not easy to adhere to a carefully portioned diet in Malaysia, heaps of yummy things everywhere. It’s like my body knows that, and accelerates metabolization to make way for more!

It’s my dad’s birthday today, and I’m glad I was here to be with him. My sister is home too, and she’s a pretty fun person to be with. There was a lot of singing and music playing in the family today, why haven’t we done this collectively before? It makes everyone feel good! 

The super lovely Ranjitha and I caught up at Delicious cafe today. We shared a red velvet cupcake, with cream cheese and raspberry swirls. Mmm. My love affair with cheese continues. 

I have some food and kitty pictures to post. Promised Nuwan a bit of running commentary on what’s shaking in KL, and it’s fun to do!

I’ve found that as time passes, a lot of things that used to be dividers, have been levelled with age. I love being able to connect on that human level. It’s getting easier and easier as I go along.

I am having a private cake moment. Yum. First shot was taken with the pop art filter on my camera, hence the ultra saturation. 

And. KITTIES. Seriously, there are no problems in this world that couldn’t be solved with a good kitten cuddle.

Kinfolk Cafe, 673 Bourke Street. All profits go to a charity of your choice. Hugely pretty, lots of smiley service, and Nuwan declared the cheesecake to be “the best cheesecake I’ve had all year!” Yup, you’d want to come here. 


At the moment, I miss the house a little bit, because I feel like that is a place I am loved, accepted. But love is expressed in many forms, and I need to remember that. I need to be able to recognize it when it comes my way. 

And I love in return. Sometimes, I love irrationally, too. But it’s okay. I think it’s fine. I think repressing it would corrupt something inside me, causing stuff to malfunction at times throughout life. Best to let it flow, and allow what happens to happen. Would you ever hold love back?

Had an interesting Sunday looking around buildings in the city. Lots of good architecture, curly writing, and high ceilings. Love. 

We went to: 

  • Block and Royal Arcade
  • Denmark House, a private club 
  • Supreme Court
  • Intercontinental Melbourne, the Rialto Hotel 

Note to self: Everything is arranged in chronological order. I had a pretty blissful day taking pictures with the new camera, and everyone had a go. I like how there are lots of different perspectives on the day.