ponies and things

Look at these ponies Rhiannon got me! Their hairstyles are interchangeable! Most people who are friends with me will know how much I like these condensed versions of the original toy. Very very cute.  

Everybody should toast their cookies. I am in love. Nibbling on a toasted cookie while texting makes my predictive text go all crazy!

The overall weekend was like apples, sweet and crunchy. Did a whole bunch of cooking, played guitar and sang, painted pictures and also spent a lot of time alone. I think it helped.

I need privacy and walls to sift through experiences. I made up an analogy about trains being late and moving on. I talked to someone far away and felt that I probably couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do it again. Exercise in futility. I had long dreams, walked deep into them while half my mind was awake. It was as if my subconscious was unwilling to let me get too immersed. Upon waking, my emotions were hooked on the wall and I didn’t know how to get them down.


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