island stories

We sailed to four different islands – Redang, Perhentian, Tenggol and Tioman. Most resorts have little book exchanges, where you can exchange books with other travellers. You’ll find lots of German and Dutch titles up in the bookshelf mix. 

Most of the group  had been having a serious hankering for roti canai, and here at this cafe, the craving was satisfied. I had french fries though, and pinched nibbles of roti from others. Other people’s food is delicious.

Once on mainland Terengganu, we gathered a little feast for breakfast. Rambutans are probably one of my favourite fruits ever. They taste like the lychee’s more robust, less wimpy cousin. We also had yellow glutinous rice, which is eaten with meat or fish curry. The sticky rice texture and savoury curry flavour mix is insane! 

For most, however, nasi dagang was the main course, as it was a local speciality. Truly, this is the best way to a Malaysian’s heart… lots of amazing food, and good company.


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