Monthly Archives: September 2010

Feeling incredibly refreshed after getting some AMAZING news via email. I definitely win. Plus, images from last night’s dinner keep flashing back in my head, pleasant and warm. A year ago, I would have never imagined being able to cook for even one other person, much less nine. It’s insanely awesome.

Life is getting better and better.


The past week has gotten me thinking. I feel surrounded by 20-somethings declaring themselves ‘old’. It’s ridiculous. Old is just a concept. I would have imagined that at 25, I’d feel so wholly together. I’d be IT. Honestly? I don’t feel that much different to how I used to feel when I was 19. Just more experienced.

I’ve also met people who haven’t really grown out of their childhood conditioning. They carry their baggage close to them, hugging it tightly like security blankets. It doesn’t matter how much life experience they’ve had, they carry the same stories in their head, locking themselves into just one tale.

I mean, I’m guilty of this too at times. We all are. But I believe stories are there to be rewritten, and it’s a good thing. I’d want to still be feeling this way when I’m 30, 40, 60, 100.


I’m in one of those moods where all I want to do is watch pretty, melancholic films. I deleted A Single Man, and I’ve only just recently watched An Education. Damn.

Well, I have Lost in Translation. Maybe that will work. I don’t know.

It’s always like this. I get sad, and I don’t want to feel it. I watch slow, sad movies, and feel through the stories of others instead.

A bunch of us put handmade things on a table. Offensive portraits were drawn, little Polaroids were taken.

It was a lot quieter than the first week. For whatever reason, I was super exhausted. I don’t think I was prepared to have all those necklaces, which I’ve been putting my heart into, up on display, up for sale and scrutiny. But I don’t think I would be ready, if it wasn’t done today. So, yay for that!

Got a sweet little goat brooch from Rhiannon. It now sits adorably on my lapel, with an amiable look on its face.

Thank you Nicky Pastore for organizing, and giving us this amazing outlet!

Watching Little Britain. Drinking tea.

Brought my Instax along with me today and took pot shots of pretty much anything. Super. Things I have discovered about the camera:

1. It doesn’t take such good night shots
2. It doesn’t like taking pictures of anything with a shiny surface
3. It’s not a digital camera. That means unpredictability, and fewer second chances.

Loving it though!!! YEAH CAMERAS!

Also, dubble rain-boh necklace!

Epic post.

It’s been a hectic weekend. On Saturday, we had an awesome housewarming shindig, and Sunday, we spent it in the city. Our first stop was Milk Market, at Thousand Pound Bend. It’s a three-weekend market, that sells jewelry, handcrafted stuff, clothes, and art. It was pretty lovely, the space was done up really nicely.

I’ll be selling a range of bar necklaces at this market next week, and the week after. My necklaces will be sold under the blanket collective of Porcelain Womb, alongside artist prints, crafts and other jewelry. It should be fun, so drop by and say hi!

I also caught a friend’s opera performance at a church in Richmond. Man, was she A-MA-ZING! Look out for her, her name is Amy Spruce.

Oh well. Frankly, I need some time to catch up to all the things left languishing on the back burner thanks to all the mad action. Thankfully, today was very productive. I want to be making a list somewhere.Uh, end.