dreams are forever

This is my life at the moment. Early morning snaps of flowers while hurrying for the train, all the way to work, then a delicious end of a Tuesday. My ride to the westside is filled with bright colours, though none pictured here today. Sometimes I just want to stop the train to capture it all; ink the images with my own hands. 

These words came with those flowers: 

There is a world,
where all weeds are beautiful
And long forgotten corners of suburbia lie, awash with colour 
Awaiting your wide-eyed gaze. 

I was reading this article on 99percent. I think it came at a time when I was second-guessing my choices a lot. You know, when you obsess self-consciously over minutiae that are ultimately of no real concern? The last two paragraphs left a real impression.

All you need to do is admit it (your ambition/dream) – to yourself – and give yourself permission to pursue it.
And do it soon. It may feel as though we’re going to live forever, but for each of us there’s a window of opportunity that will close if we wait too long. How late are you going to leave it?

I believe that time and opportunities can just sail by if I don’t stand up, or show up. I owe it to my life to give it a go! Everything and anything! A dream remains an intangible fantasy unless steps are taken. A plan is often best. Even if I’m not entirely sure of what I’m doing, a rough plan is better than none at all! In Sebastian’s words: ‘I just want to do all the good things.’


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