“In today already walks tomorrow.” 

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Who will you be in a year? 

A familiar, and depressing, thought to dieters and to procrastinators of all kinds. We’d like to think that a year from now we will be thin, will have painted the dining room, will have finished that thesis for a neglected degree.

Writers lock themselves into this perspective. A novel cannot be written in a day. Tomorrow’s neat manuscript, bundled carefully and taken to the post office, is being created today. 

Or not being created. 

To write today is to shape tomorrow. 

To write today is to let tomorrow into your life. 

It is the only option – once you have said that you are going to be a writer.

Today, I’ll write patiently. In today already walks tomorrow.

This is an excerpt from a book called “Walking on Alligators – a Book of Meditations for Writers”, by Susan Shaughnessy. I got it from a secondhand bookstore in Carlton. It is full of one-page long musings of what it means to be a writer. It’s incredibly inspiring, even if your aspirations lie else where. For in today already walks tomorrow, for everyone.


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