milk market

Epic post.

It’s been a hectic weekend. On Saturday, we had an awesome housewarming shindig, and Sunday, we spent it in the city. Our first stop was Milk Market, at Thousand Pound Bend. It’s a three-weekend market, that sells jewelry, handcrafted stuff, clothes, and art. It was pretty lovely, the space was done up really nicely.

I’ll be selling a range of bar necklaces at this market next week, and the week after. My necklaces will be sold under the blanket collective of Porcelain Womb, alongside artist prints, crafts and other jewelry. It should be fun, so drop by and say hi!

I also caught a friend’s opera performance at a church in Richmond. Man, was she A-MA-ZING! Look out for her, her name is Amy Spruce.

Oh well. Frankly, I need some time to catch up to all the things left languishing on the back burner thanks to all the mad action. Thankfully, today was very productive. I want to be making a list somewhere.Uh, end.

  1. The Milk Market looks absolutely wicked! I wish we had one like it in Malaysia. Well, we sort of do, with all the flea markets and fashion bazaars, but sometimes they appear a tad pretentious :/

    • dangerouscake said:

      I haven’t been to one of those yet. Maybe you’ll be the one to set something cool like this up! :)

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