beautiful saturday

The day started out bright and yellow, so I headed to the garden for a wake-me-up coffee and book session. And who should I find, but a furry little kitty wanting to make friends with our house. He wandered around everywhere, rolling on the ground whenever it took his fancy. He was shy at first, coy, too, but eventually submitted to my scratching of his ears.

We’ve been blowing as many dandelion seeds into the wind as possible. I’m adamant about starting a dandelion farm, they are awesome.

Food-note: Made baked rice for lunch, served with cucumber slices and tomato potato chips. Mmm yum.

We had to do some gardening today, and we pulled up lots of weeds. We found a plastic dinosaur in there, and watched a moth hatch from its mouth!!! Omg. It was insane. We all just sat around watching the moth pull itself out of the cocoon, and inspected its wet, curled wings. (Btw, my camera is ridiculously amazing. It can take close to microscopic quality shots! I love you camera *cuddles*)

In this house, we are just blessed with an abundance of everything. Food, love, friends, art, flowers, chocolate… pretty much anything we need, want or desire, we receive. So yeah, it was a  really beautiful Saturday. ‘Gorgeous’ sounds too much, too intense. Our Saturday was so mellow, so wonderfully sweet. It made me glad to be alive.

  1. Noreen said:

    I see what you mean now!! Love the detail!!!! well done, amazing photos, kakak :)

    • dangerouscake said:

      Thank you Noreen!! :)

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