mind-body code

Haven’t been feeling like taking my camera around lately. I think I know why that is, but I don’t want to say here. I’m still feeling a bit… shy, nervous, sinking-feeling-in-pit-of-stomachy. Okay, there’s no need to be a drama queen. Hopefully after November, it will come back.

Anyway, the week’s over. We have a lot of parties over the weekend. Go friends!

I’ve been listening to Mario Martinez’s Mind-Body Code today. And wow, I’ve learned one or two real, true things. Things that I’ve had a gut feeling about, confirmed in this audio book. I feel like part of me wants to place all my faith in my intuition, because it has always been fairly accurate. Another part holds back. Conditioning, maybe? I don’t know.

Back to the book. There was a thing about how a certain, deep type of love brings out the best in you. A partner in this relationship need not bring anything, instead merely inspires you to expose more of your best qualities. I love that. It got me to thinking how I’ve experienced both sides of the coin, and I’m feeling great about where I’m going at the moment. I’ve also recently noticed the extreme lack of manipulative people in my life. I’ve weeded them out somehow, and am surrounded by the cream of many crops.

It’s a pretty full-on thing to listen to in one go, but really amazing too. There’s a chapter on centenarians, can’t wait to listen to that one again.



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