Monthly Archives: November 2010

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This week, I’ve been trying to take things one day at a time. Pretending to myself that each day is the first day that I live, and every feeling and experience felt so, so new. It was great.

Even today itself was filled with adventures. I walked streets with an infinite umbrella of gray sky. I went on a train ride. I was saved from a long, long walk by a thoughtful friend. We munched on snacks and talked in small groups in a garden, as a fire blazed. We all smell of ashes and smoke. I got a call from my favourite aunt. We did a big grocery shop and ate spicy Korean instant noodles for dinner.

And more than that.

We met some dubious-looking old guy standing in the doorway of a TAB who gave us unfounded warnings. A peculiar lady who was too busy to serve customers. Hugs and love and music scattered liberally through the day. Fade out into sweetness.


I haven’t felt like using my camera much lately. Looking at all my blog posts, I wonder why I haven’t been! It’s been so great.

I’m reading the most positive book ever. I’ve been a lot more catty lately – I think I need to figure out new ways to give an opinion. Nicely.

My pet peeves are: people who don’t create original content, and people who hate on bands/music genres, but produce no music of their own. I just felt like getting that out!

I think I might have offended someone without meaning to. I hope that person knows I love and care for her.  That’s all.

There have been a lot of ups and downs lately. Such is life.

The good:
1. Amazing friends
2. Lots of good food
3. Lots of lovely exercise
4. Various minutiae is in order

The bad:
will pass. I’ll get through it. We all do.

The second half of our Castlemaine day trip. These pictures are from around the local township. I liked the cinema’s cafe. They had old-style theater benches lined up on the sidewalk, I thought it was so appropriate.