Monthly Archives: December 2010



I need to clear out some mind weeds. God, I’m listening to a complicated audiobook about Zen. I also keep getting horrendously distracted by Polly Pockets!

This week will see me reaching the end of something, and also redefining some life goals. There’s really no point in comparing lives. My life is never going to be anything but my own. Therefore, I need not waste time and/or energy wishing that it was like someone elses. I can only make it the best life I know now.

* I want a few things (smaller camera, skateboard, jeans/dresses, more polly pocket!), but I’m single-mindedly saving. Soon, I’ll be getting my next big musical investment.

* I miss the smell of home. Looking forward to a short trip there.

* That ‘Unnerved’ poster above makes me laugh. The model and her bloodshot eyes!

* I got my paints. I rearranged my room. Still no art? Must make arrrrt!