you are a human thing

Had a day off today, and just did lots of things. Everything. Compiling these pictures now, the first few feel like days ago. Heh.The chilled out, occasionally adorable nature of the shots belie the actual day!

I’m going on a trip to Castlemaine tomorrow, on my own. Eep. That makes me a bit nervous, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Been doing these things called artist dates – where I go on a date with myself, to replenish the inspiration well. Walks, bookstores, window shopping, markets, it’s all on my list.

I have my feet in a pile of warm laundry, fresh from the dryer. My feet are cold. This feels very nice.

I started something last week, and I was really pleased. I thought everything would click into place for me, but it didn’t. Callings still take work. They still require you to pick your feet off the floor, use up lots of effort, keep the demons at bay, and just… work. :) At any rate, there is growth.

I read a good quote on my friend Peter’s Twitter, and this is it. “I think I’ve cracked the code for when inspiration comes! – Whenever.” That’s super inspiring. Made that last quote drawing to remind myself, ‘What have I got to lose?’ when it comes to doing stuff that’s important, but scary.

With that, onwards.

  1. Are these pictures taken on an iphone? :P They look slightly different from the ones you usually take!But no less lovely.:)

    1.What’s that in the 2nd pic? I can’t figure out! Intriguing.

    2.Unicorn shirt, I want!

    3. The quote drawing… It’s really what I need now.


    • dangerouscake said:

      Yeah, I’ve been addicted to Instagram on the iPhone. Everything looks so darn pretty and interesting through it!

      It’s actually a close up of some graffiti/defacement on a wall, in the second picture. Super interesting up close splatters.

      I am needing that quote very much too! :)

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