guess where we are now

I miss the Internet, and I miss checking updates. I’m bored without my books. But this is a good exercise, for I never knew what a huge blind spot reading was for me. I’d read to escape doing things, and now I can’t do that anymore.

Anyway, the IT Crowd is keeping me company now. Might do a spot of writing in a bit. My to-do list for the night looks like this:

1. Take a lovely hot, hot shower
2. Eat toasted cheese pie
3. Eat potato chips
4. Eat ice-cream
5. Draw three pages
6. Chuck out a ‘way-too-old’ outfit from my closet
7. Write a letter
8. Call my best friend
9. Watch an episode of Modern Family.

I ate all the things, and it was good. I managed to do everything else too, except the letter-writing, which I will do right after this, and I couldn’t get through to the bestie. I even added extra items just to cross them off, i.e. item 9. There are some new drawings in my sketchbook, I might post them soon.


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