finders keepers, wide angled

So on Friday, I finally got my macro/wide-angle iPhone lens from Photojojo! I was having breakfast out when it arrived. I was so excited, I had to go home immediately to get it. It also helped that I wanted to give Nuwan his as well, as I got him one as a surprise. Now Seb (who also ordered one), Nuwan and I can take mighty pictures of everything! The macro lens blew my mind, it picked up on things I couldn’t even see with my own eye. Got a post on that coming up.

The weekend has been so full. I went to Finders Keepers on Sunday, and it was a bit disappointing. There was way too much repeat stuff from the last market for it to be good for me. Maybe Saturday might have been a better day to go? Still, there were some lovely things, especially for winter – woolly scarves and capes, angora gloves, and knitting kits. It always fun to look at oceans of lovingly made things, and pretty table displays, but yeah. Might do Camberwell Market next weekend to get the market itch out of my system.

Anywayyy that’s it for now. The past few days, I’m happy that I got to bond with friends, cook, help my boyfriend move and take 300 pictures with a tiny camera lens (AAAAHHH LITTLE MAGNETIC MACRO LENS). Things are smooth.

(need to draw more now)


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