Monthly Archives: May 2011

A walk to a cafe, cakes and hot chocolates, grape-scented Care Bear. Home cooked laksa, new housemate hairstyle, 3D glasses and a finished drawing.


I had thought that I’d be at Rose Street Market, on the one day that I felt like have a thorough look around. However, Melbourne’s wacky weather got the better of me, with rain. So I ended up in bookstores and boutiques and cafes, and you know, it wasn’t too bad! I had a lovely brainstorming session at Don Vincenzo’s, which is all warm lacquered wood and is so charming.

I also managed to check out Katrina Rhodes’s exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, QV. She does large scale anthropomorphic paintings of old worldly characters. Anybody who thinks you can’t make money with art (who are greatly misinformed and usually not artists), should check this lady out. The paintings are wonderful and skillful, and she sold so many of them. Massive love for these paintings.

I also got a cute set of rings. A few weeks back, I thought I was going to make a thing of it, every time I went out with myself for inspiration. Didn’t really happen, but hopefully this makes up for it.