Monthly Archives: June 2011

My lovely boyfriend cooked the house a lasagna, and it was delicious. I typed that as ‘delivious’ at first… We both have a little insider joke about that.

I bought some strawberry cake mix, but haven’t baked it yet. Seb arrived home with some berry and yogurt cake from his mum, so we’re stocked for cake. Mmm… Cake.

I figured out today that it only takes 15 minutes to mop the kitchen. I like it when things get done in under that time frame, especially boring things. It’s very motivating.

Today was a cloudless blue. Winter, you’re being a real sport.


I’ve been cleaning the house a little bit, slowly, inch by inch, and it’s looking great. We’re going to have an awesome little studio out back, and I plan on furnishing it with a heater and a kettle, tea and coffee. I’ve been making peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, watching animation shows with friends. I did a market with some lovely people last weekend. I’ve been out running. I’ve submitted work for a competition, a magazine, an exhibition, and an album. I’ve played my guitar and learned new songs.┬áSebastian came back from his travels and it’s lovely to have him around again.


Mostly, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and found it difficult to motivate myself. But running reminds me that everything is actually absolutely fine. I want to focus on the good, and ignore to the voice in my head that overthinks everything.

Here are some thoughts that have occurred to me while running. They can be applied to life too:

1. When starting, always start slowly and gently. It makes it easier to continue if it is painless.

2. Think of your overall distance, how far you want to go. Then pace yourself, and give yourself milestones to reach. You’ll get there.

3. Long-distance running is all about conditioning. The more I do, the better I get. Distances I couldn’t even imagine completing without stopping frequently, I’m covering easily. My legs have gotten stronger, and it is amazing how far they take me. It’s the same with anything else. The more you do, the better and stronger you get at it.

Lately, I prefer to blog while I’m in transit. Going somewhere. I never seem to feel like it when I’m at home. Kind of makes traveling more fun, too.

I will start setting more goals this second year half. Concrete, definite, incremental plans help me get what I want.

It’s pretty outside today. I travelled in the early morning for library returns and morning coffee. I found an inspiring children’s book about a kitten named Posey. I love the elegant shapes, watercolor and almost careless inky lines. The illustrator, Catherine Rayner, captures cats beautifully.

I intend to run in the evening (just realized my 10k run is in 5 weeks, eep), and finish off some artwork at night. I probably should not be leaving art as the last thing on my list. This weekend, art, I will put you first.

I’ve been experimenting with ceramic paint pens and I made a little notebook, on which I couldn’t get the cover to stick.

Looking back on these pictures, I am in equal parts surprised and impressed. I felt like I was lagging behind creatively this weekend. It just goes to show that you can do a lot with little pockets of time. That, and to-do lists.

To be honest, I love most of the pictures i take. I’m blogging this on the way to work from my phone, how crazy is that? I spent some time in Fitzroy yesterday, and bumped into a couple of friends, which was lovely. Now I am taking sips of coffee that rejuvenate and warm me. Toying with the idea of opening a coffee roasting place. <3