So I broke part of my tooth yesterday, and that was freaky. I had to get it fixed at a dentist’s today. I was relieved to get an appointment, and even more so when the problem was taken care of so efficiently, and painlessly. But let me say this: brushing and flossing > than breaking your teeth. Now I’m feeling super cautious about my sweets!

The dentistry was cool. It was in the awesomely pretty Block Arcade on Collins Street, on the Mezzanine level. In the first picture, there it is in that top window.

After all that, I felt like some comforting. So, after a light lunch, I had a mocha (through a straw) from Pearson and Murphy’s and sat in the sunshine at RMIT’s Alumni Courtyard. That was very good.

The anesthesia-induced numbness is leaving my face now. I’m going to slowly readjust my diet and oral hygiene regime. This experience was a good reminder how important my health is! Everything else re-prioritizes until it gets better.

    • dangerouscake said:

      They sure did!

  1. Ari Owen said:

    Unfortunately the understanding of how important our lealth is almost always comes after some accident. Hope that was your last one))) how to become a dentist

    • dangerouscake said:

      Me too!

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