Thoughts on art

Yesterday was gorgeous out. No extra layers required! I walked to the tiny, cosy library down the street, and took lots of Polaroids on the way. I am loving that camera. Must create a Polaroid fund, to buy lots of film.

Later that evening, Nuwan and I went to Carbon Black Gallery, to check out Dawn Tan‘s solo exhibition. They were big watercolour drawings of food. I was inspired. Her drawings made me realize three things about art and its function:

1. Art gives people something to relate to. There was a drawing of pho and three colour drink somewhere in there, and Nuwan and I went ‘Hey, we ate that last weekend!’ Art is there to talk about, to discuss and bring the mind to new places.

2. Art also gives people an insight into your own life. Whenever you make art, you are in the process of being more of who you are. Your art describes you, and what you are about.

3. Art sometimes requires a big effort. Looking at Dawn’s huge drawings, and what she had accomplished with her exhibition, I know it wasn’t easy. She drew and painted every day for 8 weeks! From experience, I know it isn’t always passion pushing you –  you have to put in the slog and discipline in order to grow. Just like anything else.


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