Monthly Archives: August 2011


I got back in touch with the cute magnet-attached, wide-angle iPhone lens. I was pretty happy that we found our way here – their 74% cocoa hot chocolates are luxurious. Sun, friends, chocolate and walking around the neighbourhood = bliss.

Watching Bored to Death reruns.. I love Jonathan Ames, he’s a very sympathetic moonlighting detective.

Fasting month means these daytime cafe/coffee jaunts are put on hold for a month. Sadface. On the bright side, I did get a huge amount of things done – mail, cleaning, art, grocery shopping, cooking, cheap movie-watching (Beautiful Lies – French films are pretty.) Maybe this could be the month of ultra productivity.

That’s the 74% hot chocolate up there. I’m loving how all the awesome things are migrating Brunswick-ward. I’ve always loved the neighbourhood. It’s laid back, family/student oriented, and filled with all the good people.

Fasting month brings about lots of thoughts. I’ve been thinking of KL. I miss my parents, the house, our cats, high school friends. And I wish I was around for the night markets, all that amazing food!

But it’s all good. A month goes by quickly, and before I know it, December will be here and it will be family chill times.