Monthly Archives: October 2011

… and our purple roses are coming out, smelling of sweet, deep perfume. I wish I knew how to take care of you, roses. But you seem to be doing really well on your own.

I love our neighbours. How good is it to be living two doors down to another four like-minded, interesting individuals? I mean, I learn so much from just being around them. And we get to have huge, delicious dinners, and hang out at the same cafes together. I don’t know. Is it luck? Is is providence? Do awesome people just attract each other like super strong magnets?

I’m glad I see the world the way I do. I hope it gets even better.


Every time I look at what’s inside my camera, I feel surprised. Like, how could I neglect all this goodness contained within?

It’s been such a gloomy day, and in more ways than one. I don’t know whether or not to go to life drawing. I’ve been trying to be productive, and I think it was working for a while.

I’m drinking my second coffee of the day, and dipping thin lemony biscuits into it. Lemons and coffee are a heavenly combination. I know I shouldn’t drink so much coffee, I become distracted. But it’s more than taste and caffeine. A cup of coffee means contemplation, the act of having it takes me to a place where my belly is warmed, my mind is quiet, and all is well.

In the third picture, the line is taken from a cover of Steel Train’s ‘You are Dangerous’, by Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors). I liked the cover so much, I worked out the chords and learned to play it.

I want so much to document my life. It’s important.

Well, after making this, we ventured out into the grey for Dave‘s set at Paradise Hills. There was a lot of black lights, green teeth and eyes, smoke and neon ping pong balls.

It was an ordeal getting out, an adventure getting back. There were nice taxi drivers and  maple toast involved. Moral of the story: Richmond brings out the cray cray in us, and Brunswick tames the howling wolves.


Last night, I discovered how incredible the flash on my camera is. It lit up the entire Forum.

So Kimya was great. Some of her songs just made me feel very quiet, and some of my faves like Bobby-O and Alphabutt, made me happy. I like her brand of activism… that making a changes doesn’t really involve pointing a finger at other people, but looking inwards, towards me. I want to write more songs. I will write more songs, and not care if I think they are good or not.

(Sneak peek is the first picture: a stack of cut and printed Instagram pictures from Newcastle. It’s going to be pretty…)