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Purpliest morning glories seen while on a skate

The tote! The tote!

Got onto the Instax machine (me, Maya)

Just going to jot down a few thoughts this morning. I need coffee. Packing before coffee is a risky business.

Went to the Maya Hayuk and Kyle Ranson YES! exhibition opening yesterday, which was pretty superb. What’s been floating around in my head is how I met Maya.

I think anyone that sees her work would be affected in some way, they’d talk about it. Her art came on my radar some years ago, and I really dug the bright colours and powerful geometry. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and if I ever imagined that we’d cross paths, it’s because I had flown to there and happened to recognize her on the street.

But this is how it really happened: I was in life drawing class last week, in Melbourne, the QV building, and she just walked into the gallery it was being held in.

I mean, that’s just serendipitous. How does that even happen? And she is lovely as well. She seems like the kind of person that let’s the love of the universe in with great ease.

I had the chance to buy one of the totes she made for the exhibition, and I grabbed it. It feels pretty significant… yes, it’s a tote bag, but it represents more. It’s the work of an artist I love, and the spirit in which the art is produced. With internal freedom, the expression of self.

It’s also a reminder, for when I start getting overly precious about my own stuff. Art doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to exist, with honesty. Aaaahhh! Life has just been so good. I can’t seem to stop saying that, when I think about it. I really appreciate every little thing.

Also, I’ve been super addicted to my skateboard. It’s helped me get outdoors, get around and exercise all at the same time.

Picture courtesy of CatPaint and Nuwan’s imagination


This is what the week looked like. Grey, threatening, cold, exciting weather. Life drawing started again this week – god I love these classes. They just have the best people. I always leave in a good mood. Also, I got to meet MAYA HAYUK, who walked into the gallery during class to set up for Sugar Mountain. Dude, what. This lady is a colourful, geometric art hero!

I’m really into wafer thin crispbreads right now (trying them out as a substitute for my love of potato chips, I like the crunch). Friday after work, we went nuts making salmon and cream cheese snacks, with homemade harissa from our neighbour Zac. Yeah, we were getting a bit fancy. Mm spicy savoury yummy.

Another thing that I’ve found that puts me in a good mood? A skate. I was right when I thought that the board would allow me to hang out with friends differently. Sam and I whizzed around the Melbourne Museum (smooth surfaces!) while catching up with Christmas break news. Can’t wait to do more of this, I was outdoors heaps yesterday.

Now, off for a wander around the hood with my camera and skateboard. Happy Sunday all!

There was good shopping – a red dress, moisturizer and that Marimekko mug that’s been driving me nuts. And some gorgeous new clothes for Nuwan.

Then there was evening skating in a quiet Brunswick parking lot with Zoe and some other ladies. The sky was grand, with huge, billowing clouds. It was awesome practising, finding out where people skate in the neighbourhood, and meeting new people.

Then there was our Monday movie (The Adventures of Tintin) and the unwitting picnic. Sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and grapes – 1000% fun.

So, thank you for today. I need so little to feel life’s total awesomeness.

It’s raining this morning. It’s green and wet and gray, a real time painting. I can’t really describe how perfect it is to stay indoors, with coffee and company, and watch those raindrops sprinkle and distribute.

I’m listening to Motion City Soundtrack (I need to make more of an effort to find new music), and it takes me back somewhere that only seems like a story now.


… is what I am right now. I’m so awake, I keep chewing on things that happened during the week, things I want to happen in the future. The dreamer lives ever hopeful. The painter creates a picture ever clearer.