a real hero

So maybe here is something to learn during this time. To love people just the way they are, even when they do things that are opposed to what you would do.

Accept. And work hard. Set the example. Because one day, someone you love will be looking for a role model, and you’ll want it to be you. They might not say that this is what they need, but there will be an internal shift, a searching. Maybe their thoughts will land on someone close to their hearts, it could be you.

So set the example, and live life with scruples and as much love as possible.


I’m stuffy and sniffly at the moment. Lots of tissues and hot drinks surround me.

  1. hugo said:

    girl, you’re sounding delerious! get well soon?
    ps: you getting engaged any time soon?

    • dangerouscake said:

      Thanks bro! I am better now. :)

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