life drawing: then and now

I found some old life drawings I made in uni, in my very first year. The life drawing portion was really short, only one class per week, for 4 weeks.

The last two are some drawings from December, last year. It’s almost hard to believe that the same person drew these.

So, if anyone thinks they can’t draw to save their life (which someone had recently said to me), you probably really could. Most artists know it isn’t about talent at all, it’s about interest and the desire to get better, to keep evolving. Most great skills are developed, not given at birth. Which honestly, keeps me going in all the things that I love. Even if I feel like I’m not up to scratch at the moment, I always feel somewhere deep inside that I’m going to get there eventually. I just need to KEEP AT IT, be friends with people with similar goals, and explore new avenues.

I picked up life drawing outside of uni in my third year, and just kept it up from there. I met a really amazing friend, Brad, through the first class. Not to mention Noralisa, Alexia and Liz. And then there were the classes at Medium Arts Space, where I met Frank, Sarah, Georgia, Casey, Ivan, Amos, Roger and BRADEN! And a whole host of other great people. And now there is the class at QV… and dude, can’t even begin to think of all the wonderful souls that have been brought into my life, through that circle.

Wondering if I should get a proper drawing/painting teacher now. Hmm. Anyway. Love looking back on the journey!


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