Monthly Archives: March 2012


I think any day where I can spend three hours painting (which felt like only five minutes) on large, expensive sheets of paper is a day well spent. On top of that, I cleared out my brother’s old apartment. I even got to spend some chill out time with Nuwan, eating lunch, writing and drinking coffee.

I was feeling so much like myself after all that, that I decided to get a haircut too. I love having my hair short and streamlined, it feels so right and I like running my fingers through it later.

These painting classes are so awesome. It’s all my dreams for the year coming true, one brush stroke at a time under the guidance of a great teacher. This process feels amazing, and indescribably so.

Bend and Snap market was super fun. 1000 £ Bend is a great venue for a chilly Sunday, where you can get hot toasties and warm coffees that fill your belly with joy. I had the honour of drawing portraits for some beautiful individuals yesterday, and it was a most enriching experience.

Nuwan had a music set on at different market in Brunswick, and I popped away for an hour to check it out. It was so great to see him playing his music to an audience. A good day!

I’ll be at another market this Sunday the 25th, the Bend and Snap Market at 1000 Pound Bend. It’s from 11-4pm, and I’ll be selling some original art, some prints, zines, and jewelry. I might even do some fresh portraits! Sam will be there too with his record sketchbooks, and so will Dave, with his comics and prints! Come down!