Monthly Archives: April 2012

Later that Saturday, we headed to the Mr Mode night market. Coincidentally, it was in the same warehouse I was in on Anzac Day. My lovely friend Brody and his business partner Dylan were in attendance, Braden met us at the door, and Vishal turned up later.

We headed down to the b.east after that, the new burger bar on Lygon Street to see Matt play with his band. That was awesome! Matt is insanely good – he plays guitar, flute, harmonica, and sings as well. And triple cooked chips with live music? Lifegasm.



I checked out the People’s Market at the Docklands yesterday. They have a very pretty website! I scored myself a vintage lucite ring, which has a really unusual diamond shape. It’s quite a gorgeous market to be at, I loved the mix of new, old, music, art, food and coffee. Too bad it’s the last one of its series for the summer, but they will be back when the days start to warm up again.

Speaking of warm days, how beautiful was it yesterday? :)

I did some drawings at this market yesterday, which was part of a party called Homemade Jam. It was cold and rainy, it would have been perfect stay-in weather. It was so worth it though! I was really glad that I braved the weather, and overcame my doubts. I got to meet wonderful people, drew portraits, watched other artists make art, had a boogie and explored a new part of town!

I’ve also decided that wherever I go, I can almost always have a fun adventure, as long as I have a camera with me. Things are not as drab as they seem when you frame bits of them through a lens.

I checked out this very trendy hepcat event on the weekend with Rae. They had a thing called the Homemaker Market, which was held in a nice space, I think I heard someone say it was an old Channel 9 building? The range was expensive and limited in my opinion, more like a designer collection shop, but good for a look around on a Sunday morning.