Monthly Archives: May 2012


Come Wednesday, 9.30 a.m, my housemate Seb and I will be waiting at a tram stop, headed to our art class. We’ve been taking classes with a fine artist, a fantastic man named Phillip Doggett-Williams. Every week, we get to experiment and explore our art under his expert guidance. Among the gems of wisdom we have received thus far, is this one:

“There really is no such thing as bad art. The only time art is bad is when you are trying to pretend to be something you are not.”

So true. Art is a genuine expression of yourself, your thoughts and experiences, and comes from deep within. Imitation is fine for practice, but eventually you must connect with who you really are in order to produce something sincere. I also asked about self-doubt, and he told me from his experience,

“Persistence always overcomes self-doubt.”

… which I believe can be applied to anything. So, if you believe that you are destined to be doing something, but you’re not doing it right now… get stuck into it! Jump in and give it the best you’ve got. And keep going!

I had the most delicious breakfast at Miss Marmalade this week. Farmers market breakfast, get in my belleh. A poached egg on top of house made corn bread, on a bed of veggies cooked to PERFECTION. There was swooning and enthusiastic exclamations through the first few mouthfuls. We also had the gingerbread hotcakes with maple mascarpone and stewed seasonal fruits. It’s hard to go past even the name: GINGERBREAD HOTCAKES. It calls to mind homey scenes, loving parents in aprons, and a sense of well-being.

The service was beautiful, but we did go there on a weekday, so it wasn’t excessively busy. Nothing complements a meal better than an affable smile on your servers face.

The last installment of the Blender Lane Market series was superb. The organizers Nicole, Matt and George, did such an amazing job making sure stallholders were taken care of. This time, we had Zoe with us, and she brought along her beautiful handmade purses. They had her signature style all over it. Sam had sketchbooks, money boxes and pins on the table, which inevitably capture the imagination. I had art prints, portraits and jewelry.

I was nervous the day before, because it the weather forecast said it was likely to rain. Blender is an outdoors market. But everyone rallied with marquees and tarps, and more importantly, smiles on their faces. Stallholders, I salute all of us! We were out in the wind and cold, rugged up in layers, and downing all manners of hot liquids – coffee, soup, even fruity mulled wine.

Sometimes, markets can be slow in terms of traffic, which mean lower sales. But there are non-monetary benefits that come with showing up:

  • Meeting friendly, talented people that are out showcasing their passion. Seeing the creative output of others is both inspiring and encouraging!
  • Practicing being wholly responsible for the outcome of your day (a practice microcosm for your life)
  • Exposure for your business. Even if people don’t buy your product, they will take business cards. It is easier to remember a warm face-to-face encounter if they require your services down the line
  • You can do a service/product swap with stallholders
  • Becoming friends with people who drop by the market

So if you’re ever thinking of giving it a go, it’s pretty low-risk, there is usually no long-term commitment, and a bowlful of fun with the right people.

Re: the art show, I really enjoyed the paintings that had lots of texture in them, like Brendon Mogg’s and Tracey Keller’s.

The primary school had a gift store as part of the show. The main reason I was going was to buy one of Sarah Dingwall’s gorgeous glass rings, and I spent ages trying to decide, they were all so beautiful. I ended up getting the one that looked like a little galaxy swirl with bubbles. Sarah is also a wonderful photographer, check out her blog! (All the glass work above is Sarah’s)