coffeehead @ camberwell

I went to Camberwell Market last weekend. I had gotten up really early too, and was wondering where I could get a good coffee in the area, outside of Brunetti’s and market coffee vendors of dubious consistency. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Camberwell, so I was surprised to see a new hole-in-the-wall-ish exterior on my walk from the station.

Apparently Coffeehead is a boutique coffee hub  that sells several varieties of coffee and related apparatus, on top of food and drinks. Whatever it is, it’s good for getting out of the cold from Camberwell Market on Sundays, and sip on a hot mocha which gloating over your purchases. The service I got was smiley and lovely, and the coffee was tasty and pretty huge. For $4.50 a mocha, you would sure hope it’d be all that! They use Kali Organic Chocolate, and I don’t know if that really justifies the price. The environment is spacious, bustling and energetic, and I always admire an open kitchen. I mean, it’s nice to know what goes on in there! :) I am pleased. Fluorescent poster art and delicious coffee are nice things to end a market morning with.


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